Trade With Me (Trading Notes, Tools, and Ideas)

I have been trading and Investing for many years now. I am a profitable trader, but I am still on a journey to become more consistent, more profitable, and to scale up.

My trading performance: Profitable and becoming more Consistent. Time to Scale up

Trading is a lonely enterprise. Therefore I am always looking for a community of like-minded individuals to share the journey with. I have always found that sharing knowledge and ideas is a good way to come in contact with others and at the same time it solidifies knowledge and skills. So I started a blog and YouTube channel, where I talk about trading.

Now I am about to share more of my personal and private knowledge, tools, and resources for trading. These are things that are constantly changing, so I want to share them in a safe way, and in a place where I can provide the right context. The right context is, that I am a student of the markets still, but that I can provide valuable information to other (maybe newer) traders.

So I decided to share my private trading notes, and trading ideas for you to compare with yours. I will do so by giving you access to a Discord server and a Notion notebook if you decide to join me on my journey.

By joining me, you will:

  • Support me in creating all the trading content
  • Get access to my Discord server
  • Get access to my private Trading Notes on Notion
  • Get access to my Trading Ideas
  • Get my eBook: 'Learn to Trade'
  • Get access to all my trading tools, such as:
    • Position Sizer EA for Metatrader
    • Online Position Sizer
    • My Trading Log
    • Back test of my strategy
    • My Trading Plan
    • My Trading Setup Guide

Once you have joined me, you will be automatically invited to join my Discord Server and you will get a link to my private Trading Notes on Notion.

On the Discord server, you can ask questions and you can follow my Trading Ideas in the live market.

In the Trading Notes, I link to all my trading resources, and tools, such as my eBook, Back Tests, Trading Plan, Trading Setups, etc. Some of these are downloadable, others are available online as Google Docs.

So if you are looking to be more profitable, Consistent, and scale up, then join me and we can do it together!



You will get access to all my trading notes and tools.

See all my trading notes including resources I use to trade
See all my live trading ideas
Download my eBook: Learn to Trade
Download my position sizer tool and spreadsheets
Get templates to create your own tools
Back tests
See and download all my back tests
See all my trades and download my trading journal
Check out my trading plan
Learn about my trading setups
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Trade With Me (Trading Notes, Tools, and Ideas)