Position Sizer EA for Metatrader


The problem with Metatrader

Metatrader is arguably the most used trading platform for retail traders.

The problem with Metatrader is that there is not really a good way to plan out trades including a position size that makes sure you risk the exact amount you want according to your trading plan.

One solution

One way to ensure you risk exactly the amount you want is to use an online position size calculator. For instance, this one that I share for free on my website.

This works but requires some effort and time. It is a slow method and it can lead to mistakes.

A better solution

A better solution is to have the calculation done automatically in Metatrader. Luckily, Metatrader can be easily extended using Expert Advisors.

Position Sizer expert advisor for MT4 and MT5

Position Sizer EA in Metatrader

The Position Sizer automatically calculates the number of lots to trade based on:

  • your risk tolerance
  • account size,
  • currency,
  • currency pair
  • Commission
  • and other settings.

It is a feature-rich expert advisor designed to work with all kinds of instruments and help with everything related to position sizing - margin, potential portfolio risk & profit, swaps, and so on.

The Position Sizer EA can be used to open trades based on the calculations it does in the Main tab of its panel.

MT4 and MT5

The EA is available for:

  • Metatrader 4
  • Metatrader 5

Position Sizer EA on Metatrader 4


Position Sizer EA on Metatrader 5

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You'll get an Expert Advisor that automates position sizing on Metatrader

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Chart templates for Metatrader 4 and 5 that make the charts look clean and add the position sizer EA
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Position Sizer EA for Metatrader

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